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pitx-imx8m: update README

- add eMMC boot description.
- add bootloader update package description.
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......@@ -44,3 +44,40 @@ Boot
Insert the uSD card into the upper cage of J12. Be cautious as the lower cage
is for a uSIM card. Power on the board.
eMMC Boot
It is also possible to install the boot image on eMMC boot0 partition. This
can be done using a system booted from SD card into linux shell. First, the
flash.bin firmware image has to be copied to the file system of the running
linux (e.g. /tmp). Then, the image is copied to mmcblk0boot0 partition.
$ dd if=flash.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0boot0 bs=1k seek=33
Before starting boot firmware from eMMC, make sure that BOOT_MODE pins
SW1[1:2] are set to 0b01. Power on the board.
Bootloader Update
Bootloader update of the pitx-imx8m uses the distroboot feature. The new
bootloader is installed on the CPU bootdevice which is determined by SW1[1:2]
jumper settings.
SW1[1:2] Boot Device Update Installation Target
0b00 SD Card mmc dev 1
0b01 eMMC mmc dev 0 1
Note: The bootloader update package always copies the new bootloader to the
device the module was booted from. This means, when the module was booted
from SD card, the update package will install the new bootloader on SD card
as well. The steps below show how to install a bootloader update on the
pITX-iMX8M module:
- Extract the bootloader update package as provided by Kontron into the root
directory of either USB thumb device, SD card or onboard eMMC.
- Make sure that no boot.scr or boot.scr.uimg files are installed in the root
directory of the update package storage device used.
- From Bootloader CLI, invoke the appropriate distroboot command, e.g. for
USB thumb device:
=> run bootcmd_usb0
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