Commit 9fc0c95f authored by Thomas Schäfer's avatar Thomas Schäfer
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pitx-imx8m: fiw hardware variant check

Detection of HW variant before iomux fixup for L120 failed. As a result
iomux fixup is skipped. Fix this.
Signed-off-by: Thomas Schäfer's avatarThomas Schaefer <>
parent df4caed7
......@@ -547,8 +547,7 @@ int misc_init_r(void)
gpio_direction_output(USBHUB_RESET, 1);
hw_rev = get_hw_rev();
/* check if hw variant is L120 (7) */
if (hw_rev == 7) {
if (!strcmp(hw_variants[hw_rev], "L120")) {
int nodeoffset;
void *fdt = map_sysmem((ulong)gd->fdt_blob, 0);
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